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Selling Poole Pottery To Us

Are you interested in selling Poole Pottery. Do you have some Poole tableware or decorative ware which is now surplus to your requirements? Perhaps you have inherited a set that you don't know what to do with. Or maybe you simply fancy a change of scenery on your table. Whatever the reason, don't throw or give away your Poole Pottery service or collection without speaking to us first.

Many people don't realise the value of their Poole Pottery on the second hand market. A common mistake is to believe that because a dinner or tea service is particularly modern, or cheap to buy in the first place, it has little or no value. In actual fact it is often the comparatively modern designs have been discontinued during the last five to ten years that command the higher prices.

We don't buy everything, but when we do make an offer it is usually higher than what you would expect to receive for it at a car boot or an auction, and often more that what customers would have asked if they had sold it privately in the local paper. We know, because we pick up a lot of bargains in the local papers!

Poole Pottery Parkstone, Cranborne, Dorset Fruit, Vineyard, Blue Leaf, Green Leaf, Blue Vine, Fresco, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, New England, Omega, Polka, Seed Packets, Vincent, Winter Vine are all examples of designs that we usually buy given the opportunity.

All we ask is that the items are in excellent condition without damage or repair. We will not buy anything that has any damage at all, including chips, nicks, crazing, cracks and so on. While we accept that the items have usually been used, we are unable to purchase anything with anything but very light surface wear. Nor will we buy obvious seconds.

If you feel your service is up to scratch, as it were, and you are still interesting in selling Poole Pottery to us, please fill in our enquiry form. On receipt of the form we will email you within a few days to confirm whether we are interested and if so how much we are prepared to offer.

NB. We prefer to arrange to collect the china from you rather than have it posted. With this in mind we do not purchase from overseas.

Click here to go to our enquiry form.

If you are planning to sell your dinner or tea service it is quite feasible that you will want to replace it with a current line. Small Island Trader are the one of the best online china retailers of new and current lines that we have come across. We have been referring business to them for some years and have had excellent reports from our mutual customers. They stock a fantastic range of china and crystal tableware as well as cookware, at very reasonable prices, so whether you have a design in mind or are looking for ideas take a look at their site.

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