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Poole Pottery since 1992

Returns & Condition Policy

At The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service we pride ourselves on the quality of the replacement china we send to people and we employ vigorous quality checking processes both when we buy the pieces and at the packaging and dispatch stage.

It is our policy to never send out damaged or repaired pieces, and this includes chips, nicks, cracks and crazing etc. Unlike some other replacement services there are no exceptions to this policy. Even if a piece is particularly old or difficult to find we will not send you a damaged or repaired item, unless you have previously informed us that you would accept such as a replacement.

With regards to wear and tear, at the end of the day the nature of sourcing discontinued lines is that we are only able to obtain our stock from the second hand market and so many of the pieces we supply to our customers will have been used. It is therefore inevitable, that some pieces such as plates, bowls and to a lesser extent cups will have a certain degree of surface wear. We do however endeavor to keep this to a minimum and our goal is to provide you with pieces that are as good, if not better, than the ones on your own table.

Turning to the question of first and second quality pieces, many replacement services do not distinguish between the two, as it is often a difficult task to source a replacement without narrowing the field further. However, at The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service our policy is not to send out items that are “obvious” seconds and employ the same strategy as we do with condition, i.e. will the piece blend in and therefore be an acceptable replacement to the average customers table setting?

As you will appreciate both decisions over condition and quality, are often down to personal judgment on the part of our buyers and quality checkers. However, they have a wealth of experience based on what our customers have found acceptable in the past and in the majority of cases we get it right.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with any pieces we send to you, notify us straight away. We will provide all the information you need to return the items to us, and upon their safe arrival we will either replace the item or refund you. If we are satisfied that the item was sent to you due to an error on our part we will also reimburse you for any return postage costs.

Equally should any items you receive arrive broken, we will again replace them or refund you for such. We may on occasion ask for documentary evidence of the breakage such as a photograph or a statement from the courier. However, we very rarely have breakages, and are often praised for our packaging.