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What is a China Matching Service?

A china matching service, sometimes referred to as a china replacement service, specialises in sourcing discontinued tableware and collectibles to help customers make up their services, sets and collections.

Perhaps you have an expanding family and need additional place settings to make up the dinner service. Maybe the dogs tail knocked aunty's precious vase off the coffee table. Or perhaps someone in your home has been a bit heavy handed with the washing up and yet another cup has lost it's handle. If any of these circumstances sound familiar, a china matching service may well be what you are looking for.

As the china to be replaced or matched is no longer available in the shops, the majority of stock is sourced from the second hand market. Different replacement services work in different ways, but we investigate every possible location to locate pieces for our customers. We commission buyers around the UK to source items for us; we scour car boots, jumbles, auctions; we look online among the many online auctions and classified ads; we advertise extensively and we buy privately.

While we cannot guarantee that every item we are asked to find will turn up, the majority of them do. Often we have the pieces in stock, sometimes it can take weeks or months, and occasionally, if an item is particularly rare or sought after, years. However, we do guarantee that you will stay on our lists until we find the items you are seeking or until you ask to be removed from the list.

As a specialist china matching service in Poole Pottery, we have built up an excellent reputation, among our customers, within the china industry and on the used china market. As this reputation continues to build, so do our useful contacts and so our customer waiting list reduces.

By going on our china matching list you are under no obligation to make a purchase at any time. We will simply let you know when we find your china. Then it's up to you.

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