Matching and replacing your discontinued

Poole Pottery since 1992

The History of The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service

The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service, a Dorset based business, was the brain child of Chris Eley, a keen Poole Pottery collector and enthusiast.

In 1992, having taken early retirement, Chris decided to start a part time business selling bric a brac at Wimborne and Dorchester markets, in Dorset.

Due to his own interest in Poole Pottery, and his extensive knowledge of the history and value of both Poole decorative ware and tableware on the second hand market, it naturally followed that much of his stock was made up of Poole Pottery. He quickly established a name for himself in the local area and became known as "The Poole Man".

It wasn't long before customers started to ask him to take their details with a view to contacting them when he located particular pieces to make up their dinner services, tea ware and collections. And so the order list grew.

A few years later Chris took the decision to offer the same service for discontinued pottery by Hornsea Pottery. Today he also deals with Denby Pottery and Royal Doulton china, but the main part of his business is Poole & Hornsea, and his love for Poole Pottery continues to this day.

Over a decade later, Chris no longer attends local markets. The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service is now a worldwide mail order service specialising in locating discontinued Poole Pottery and Hornsea Pottery for those people wishing to add to their collections or to replace a broken cup or missing plate.

This web site is currently in development, but will over the coming months become part of a new and exciting online face to The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service, specialising in serving the needs and wants of our Poole Pottery customers.