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Poole Pottery since 1992

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you obtain your stock?

A. The nature of our business is that almost none of the ranges that we supply are still being produced. We therefore have to obtain stock on the “previously owned” market. We do this through advertising and through numerous contacts that we have in the trade.

Q. Will the goods you offer me be in good condition?

A. We will only offer items that are in good condition. We will never knowingly supply items that are chipped, cracked, crazed or otherwise damaged. There will inevitably be minimal signs of wear on some items, but we do keep this to a minimum, and we would expect the goods that we supply to be at least as good, and probably better than items in the set that you are using. Many years of experience in the trade have shown that this does not seem to be a problem for our customers, who frequently compliment us on the quality of the goods that we supply. See our returns and condition policy for more information.

Q. If I ask for something that you do not have in stock, how long will you continue looking for it?

A. Until we find it, or until you tell us that you no longer require it.

Q. If I ask you to find an item for me, how will I know when you have found it?

A. As soon as we locate any suitable items, we will notify you.

Q. If I ask you to find an item for me, am I committed to buying it when you offer it to me?

A. No. We will notify you when suitable items become available and at that time you can decide if you still wish to purchase them.