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Data Protection Act 1988 - Our Policy

We appreciate peoples concerns these days about their details being passed on to third parties. We would like to assure you that it is not our policy to pass on or sell information not required for the purpose of matching or selling your china, to anyone outside of The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service, and we will only do so within The Poole Pottery & Hornsea Replacement Service should it be required to enable us to deal with your specific enquiry and or to carry out the administration of our business.  We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1988 and in so being agree to abide by all the rules of such to protect you as the customer from inappropriate use of any personal data you share with us.

We are sometimes asked why we collect cookie information from users submitting an enquiry form, and in particular the viewing history of the user. In fact, we are only concerned with the last page the user visited prior to coming to our enquiry form. We do not collect information about sites you visited prior to ours. We also capture information about what type of browser you are using. This is purely so that we can develop the site with the majority of users in mind and ensure compatability. If you have any questions regarding our data protection policy please do not hesitate to contact us at


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